Evan Goldberg Netsuite Net Worth in 2024 Life, Age, Family

You know what they say, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” and Evan Goldberg’s NetSuite net worth is indeed the proof. He’s a shining example of how the right idea, coupled with hard work and determination, can lead to remarkable success. As the co-founder of NetSuite, a leading provider of cloud-based business management software, Goldberg’s net worth has grown significantly. His journey from a simple start-up to a multi-million dollar company is nothing short of inspiring. So, if you’re curious about how much he’s worth, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive deeper into the financial success of this tech mogul.

Evan Goldberg Netsuite Net Worth

Evan Goldberg Netsuite Net Worth

You might be curious about Evan Goldberg’s net worth, especially considering his successful stint as the co-founder of Netsuite. Well, you’re not alone. Many admire his success and wonder about the wealth it’s generated. It’s reported that Evan Goldberg’s net worth is an impressive $1.1 billion. Not bad for a tech entrepreneur, right? His fortune largely stems from Netsuite’s success, a company he co-created with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Since its inception, Netsuite has grown into a leading provider of cloud-based services, contributing significantly to Goldberg’s wealth. So, when you’re dreaming of startup success, remember Goldberg’s story. It’s a testament that with innovation, hard work, and determination, you too can build a billion-dollar empire.

Evan Goldberg Netsuite Net Worth Growth

One might wonder how Evan Goldberg’s net worth has grown over the years, and it’s an intriguing journey to explore. His wealth didn’t just appear overnight; it was an accumulation of years of hard work, strategic decisions, and a little bit of luck.

Let’s break down four key moments that played a crucial role in his financial growth:

The inception of NetSuiteN/AA defining moment that catapulted his career and laid the foundation for subsequent success.
NetSuite’s IPO in 20072007Going public significantly increased his net worth, reflecting the company’s market valuation.
Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite2016The acquisition by Oracle in 2016 led to a massive surge in his wealth, capitalizing on NetSuite’s success.
Continued involvement with OracleN/AStaying on board post-acquisition has ensured a steady income stream, contributing to ongoing financial success.

These milestones show how Goldberg’s NetSuite net worth has grown, painting a picture of perseverance and successful entrepreneurship.

Evan Goldberg Netsuite Biography

Diving into the life of Evan Goldberg, you’ll find an inspiring tale of a man who, from a young age, had a knack for technology and used it to transform the world of business management software. Born in 1968, Goldberg is a native of Massachusetts. He studied at Harvard, where he developed an interest in software engineering. After graduation, Goldberg headed to Oracle Corporation, where he met Larry Ellison. Together, they founded NetSuite in 1998, a cloud-based software company aimed at helping businesses manage their operations more effectively. Goldberg’s leadership and innovative vision have been instrumental in NetSuite’s success, making it a leading player in the industry. Today, he continues to guide the company, serving as its Executive Vice President.

Birth YearBirthplaceEducationCareer Highlights
1968MassachusettsHarvard UniversityCo-founded NetSuite in 1998 with Larry Ellison, transforming business management software.
Instrumental leadership and innovative vision contributed to NetSuite’s industry success.
Currently serves as the Executive Vice President, guiding the company to continued success.

Evan Goldberg Netsuite Career

In the realm of business management software, your journey wouldn’t be complete without exploring Evan Goldberg’s illustrious career at NetSuite. Goldberg, a visionary in the tech world, co-founded NetSuite in 1998, marking the start of a remarkable journey.

Evan Goldberg Netsuite Career
1998Co-founding of NetSuite with Larry EllisonGoldberg and Larry Ellison initiate NetSuite, marking the beginning of a new era in cloud computing.
2007NetSuite goes public under Goldberg’s leadershipGoldberg leads NetSuite through its IPO, highlighting the company’s robust growth and impact on the industry.
2016Oracle acquires NetSuite for $9.3 billionOracle’s acquisition of NetSuite for a significant amount reflects the success of Goldberg’s strategic direction.
PresentExecutive Vice President of Oracle NetSuite Global Business UnitGoldberg’s current role is crucial in driving innovation and growth within Oracle NetSuite’s global business operations.

Goldberg’s career at NetSuite is a testament to his vision, tenacity, and business acumen. It’s an inspiration for all aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

Evan Goldberg Netsuite Social Media Accounts

You’ll find that Evan Goldberg’s presence on social media platforms provides a unique insight into his dynamic role at NetSuite and the tech industry as a whole. Although he’s not the most active on these platforms, his posts are usually informative, shedding light on NetSuite’s latest advancements or sharing industry-related news. He’s on LinkedIn, where he often engages with other tech leaders and occasionally posts about NetSuite’s initiatives. He also has a Twitter account, but it’s less active. On both platforms, he demonstrates a keen interest in using technology to change the business world. If you’re interested in NetSuite or the tech industry, following him could provide you with a unique perspective on the field.

Social Media PlatformHandle/UsernameActivity LevelDescription
LinkedInEvan GoldbergModerateEngages with tech leaders, and occasionally posts about NetSuite’s initiatives. Demonstrates a keen interest in using technology to change the business world.
Twitter@evan_m_goldbergLowLess active on Twitter, but posts may contain insights into NetSuite and the tech industry.


Evan Goldberg Netsuite Education

Taking a look at his educational background, you’ll find that Evan Goldberg’s impressive achievements in the tech industry are underpinned by a solid foundation of academic excellence. His journey to success began with a passion for technology and a relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Evan Goldberg Netsuite Education
InstitutionDegreeField of StudyAdditional Information
Harvard UniversityBachelor’s degreeSocial StudiesEvan honed his skills and developed an innovative mindset at Harvard.
Stanford UniversityMaster’s degreeComputer ScienceContinued his education at Stanford, where his innovative spirit thrived.

1. Evan started at Harvard University, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, where he honed his skills and cultivated his innovative mindset.

2. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies, proving his ability to excel in a diverse range of topics.

3. His education didn’t stop there. His hunger for knowledge led him to Stanford University, where he earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

4. At Stanford, Evan’s innovative spirit was nurtured, setting him on the path to creating NetSuite, a leading provider of cloud-based business management software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Charities or Philanthropic Efforts Is Evan Goldberg Involved In?

You’re asking about Evan Goldberg’s philanthropic involvements. He’s an active contributor to several charities. He co-founded the BRCA Foundation to fund research into BRCA gene mutations. He’s also a supporter of the Cancer Research Institute. Additionally, through Oracle NetSuite, he’s initiated Suite Pro Bono, where employees volunteer their time and expertise to non-profit organizations. He’s clearly invested in giving back to the community.

Does Evan Goldberg Have Any Other Business Ventures Apart From Netsuite?

Ever wondered if Evan Goldberg has other business ventures apart from Netsuite? Well, he’s not just tied to one enterprise. Apart from co-founding Netsuite, he’s also involved in several other ventures. He founded an organization called the BRCA Foundation. He’s also into philanthropy, supporting various charitable causes. So yes, Goldberg isn’t just about Netsuite. He’s a man of many hats, showing his versatility and commitment in various fields.

What Kind of Lifestyle Does Evan Goldberg Lead Due to His Net Worth?

You’re curious about the lifestyle led by someone with a substantial net worth. Well, Evan Goldberg leads a comfortable lifestyle due to his wealth. He’s not flashy but enjoys the finer things in life. He’s philanthropic, donating to various causes. He also invests in tech startups. His wealth affords him a certain level of freedom, allowing him to explore personal interests while not being overly extravagant or indulgent.

How Has Evan Goldberg’s Net Worth Impacted His Personal Relationships?

Can money truly buy happiness? In Evan Goldberg’s case, his significant net worth hasn’t negatively impacted his personal relationships. He’s maintained a tight-knit circle of friends and family, who care for him beyond his financial status. His wealth allows him to provide for his loved ones, but it’s his genuine personality that keeps these relationships strong. In essence, money’s just a tool for Evan, not the defining factor of his relationships.

How Does Evan Goldberg Manage His Wealth and What Kind of Investments Does He Make?

You’re curious about how Evan Goldberg handles his wealth and his investment strategies. Well, Evan’s financial management is quite private, but it’s known he’s invested in tech startups, consistent with his background. He’s made philanthropic contributions too, showing he values giving back. It’s clear he’s strategic with his wealth, potentially seeking a balance between growing it and supporting causes he believes in.


So, there you have it – Evan Goldberg, the Netsuite kingpin with a net worth that’s ballooning faster than a tech startup’s valuation. From his humble beginnings to his Silicon Valley triumph, it’s a classic tale of zeros (and we don’t mean coding). You can follow his dazzling life on social media – or maybe just stick to your finance degree. Remember, not everyone gets to turn their garage project into a billion-dollar enterprise. No pressure, right?

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