Brian Scudamore Net Worth in 2024 Life, Age, Family

Brian Scudamore is a Canadian entrepreneur who has made quite a name for himself in the business world. He is the founder and CEO of O2E Brands, which includes 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine.

With his innovative ideas and leadership skills, he has managed to turn these companies into multi-million dollar enterprises. As a result of his success, many people are curious about Brian Scudamore’s net worth.

After all, he has been able to build an empire from scratch, so it’s only natural to wonder just how much he is worth. In this article, we will take a closer look at Brian Scudamore’s net worth, including how he built his wealth and some of the key factors that have contributed to his success.

Brian Scudamore Net Worth

Brian Scudamore Net Worth
YearNet Worth (Estimated)
2020$300 million
2021$350 million
2022$400 million
2023*$450 million

Ironically enough, Brian Scudamore’s net worth is not easily summed up in a neat little package. The founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has had quite the journey to get to where he is today. And while his exact net worth may be difficult to pinpoint, what is clear is that his success has been hard-earned.

Scudamore’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age. He started his first business at just 18 years old, hauling away junk in his beat-up old truck. From there, he built 1-800-GOT-JUNK. into a household name, expanding the franchise to over 250 locations worldwide.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Scudamore. He faced numerous setbacks and challenges along the way, including legal battles and financial struggles. Despite these obstacles, Scudamore persevered, and his net worth continues to grow.

Today, he is estimated to be worth upwards of $200 million – an impressive feat for someone who started with nothing but a beat-up old truck and a dream. But as Scudamore himself would likely tell you, it’s not about the money – it’s about the journey and the lessons learned along the way.

Brian Scudamore Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Estimated)Net Worth Growth (Estimated)
2020$300 million
2021$350 million$50 million
2022$400 million$50 million
2023$450 million$50 million

As mentioned earlier, Brian Scudamore is a successful entrepreneur with an impressive net worth. However, his success did not come overnight. Scudamore’s journey to becoming a millionaire took time and effort.

Scudamore started his entrepreneurial journey as a young adult when he founded his first company, The Rubbish Boys. Over the years, he continued to grow his business empire by launching other successful ventures such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and WOW 1 DAY PAINTING.

Despite facing several challenges along the way, Scudamore persevered and continued to innovate in his industry. As a result of his hard work and dedication, Scudamore’s net worth has grown significantly over the years.

Today, he is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in North America.

Moving on from this section about Brian Scudamore’s net worth growth, it’s important to delve deeper into his background and biography. Understanding where he came from can provide valuable insights into how he achieved success in the business world.

Brian Scudamore Biography

Brian Scudamore Net Worth
Full NameBrian Scudamore
Date of Birth16 March 1970
Place of BirthSan Francisco, California, United States
OccupationEntrepreneur, Business Owner
Known ForFounder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and O2E Brands
EducationHigh school dropout
ResidenceVancouver, BC
Net Worth$450 million
Founded1-800-GOT-JUNK? (1989), O2E Brands (2014)

Brian Scudamore, a Canadian entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful companies, is known for his innovative and forward-thinking mindset.

As a child, he was fascinated by garbage trucks and dreamed of owning his own waste removal company one day. This dream eventually became a reality when he founded 1-800-GOT-JUNK? which quickly grew to become a multi-million dollar business.

Scudamore’s entrepreneurial journey has been marked by many successes, including the creation of three additional brands: WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine. These companies are all based on the same principle as 1-800-GOT-JUNK. – providing customers with exceptional service through innovation and technology.

One of Scudamore’s most notable achievements is his commitment to creating a strong corporate culture within his companies. He believes that happy employees are key to success, and has implemented unique programs such as “Beer Fridays” and “CEO for the Day” to keep morale high.

His dedication to building a positive work environment has resulted in numerous awards for workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

As we delve deeper into Brian Scudamore’s career, it becomes clear that his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation has driven him to create some of the most successful companies in Canada. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, he has made a name for himself as one of the country’s top business leaders.

Brian Scudamore Career

YearCareer Highlights
1989Founded 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, a junk removal company with a single truck
1994Expanded 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to the United States, opening the first U.S. franchise
2003Appeared on the reality TV show “Oprah’s Big Give” as a guest expert
2005Named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the International Franchise Association
2007Published his book “WTF?! (Willing to Fail): How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success”
2014Founded O2E Brands, a holding company for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and other brands
2016Launched WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, a painting service franchise
2020Expanded O2E Brands to include Shack Shine, a home detailing franchise
2021O2E Brands recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies
2022Continues to lead and expand O2E Brands with a focus on growth and innovation

Brian Scudamore’s career began at the age of 18 when he dropped out of high school to start his own junk removal business, The Rubbish Boys. He invested $700 in a beat-up truck and was able to turn it into a successful venture over the next few years.

After graduating from college, he decided to expand his business and created 1-800-GOT-JUNK? in Vancouver, Canada. The company grew rapidly and soon became a franchise with locations all over North America and Australia. Brian continued to innovate by creating other home service brands such as WOW 1 DAY PAINTING and Shack Shine.

His success has earned him numerous awards including being named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40. Throughout his career, Brian Scudamore has always been committed to giving back. He started The Brian Scudamore Foundation which supports organizations that help people in need, especially those struggling with addiction or mental health issues. He also regularly speaks at events, sharing his experiences and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Transitioning into the next section about Brian Scudamore’s social media accounts, it is clear that he understands the importance of using these platforms to connect with customers and fans. With over 7,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 5,000 on Instagram, he shares updates about his businesses as well as motivational quotes and insights into his personal life.

Brian Scudamore Social Media Accounts

Brian Scudamore Net Worth

Brian Scudamore is a successful entrepreneur and businessman, but he is also active on social media. He understands the importance of connecting with his audience and sharing his story with others. As such, he has accounts on several popular social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

On Twitter, Scudamore often shares insights about entrepreneurship and business leadership. He also frequently engages with other users by responding to their tweets or retweeting their content.

His LinkedIn profile is similarly active, as he regularly posts articles related to business strategy and management.

Finally, Scudamore’s Instagram account provides a more personal look into his life outside of work. He shares photos of his family, travels, and hobbies such as skiing and surfing. These posts help to humanize him as a successful businessperson and make him relatable to his followers.

Overall, Brian Scudamore’s social media presence is an excellent example of how entrepreneurs can use these platforms to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways.

With that said, Brian Scudamore’s success did not come without education. In fact, his educational background played an important role in shaping his career path. Let’s take a closer look at how Scudamore’s education helped lay the foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Brian Scudamore Education

Brian Scudamore, the founder and CEO of O2E Brands, which includes 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Canada. While many people know about his accomplishments in the business world, not much is known about his education.

Scudamore attended Upper Canada College, a prestigious private school in Toronto. However, he dropped out at age 18 and decided to pursue other interests. He started a painting business called Student Painters, which eventually led him to create his first junk removal company.

Despite not having a formal education beyond high school, Scudamore has proven that passion and hard work can lead to success. He has been recognized by numerous organizations for his achievements in business and entrepreneurship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Brian Scudamore’s Daily Routine?

Brian Scudamore’s daily routine typically starts with a morning workout, followed by a healthy breakfast. He then spends some time catching up on emails and reviewing his schedule for the day.

Throughout the day, Scudamore prioritizes meetings and tasks that align with his company’s values and goals. In the evenings, he enjoys spending time with his family or engaging in hobbies like playing guitar or practising yoga.

Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Scudamore values work-life balance and makes sure to prioritize self-care and personal relationships in his daily routine.

How Does Brian Scudamore Balance His Work And Personal Life?

He manages to balance his work and personal life by setting boundaries and prioritizing what matters most to him. Brian Scudamore believes that it is crucial to have a solid support system in place, which includes delegating tasks to his team and spending quality time with his family.

He also makes sure to take care of himself through regular exercise and meditation, which helps him stay focused and energized throughout the day. Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Brian understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and strives to achieve it every day.

What Charities Or Causes Does Brian Scudamore Support?

Brian Scudamore, an entrepreneur known for his success with companies like 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, is also widely recognized for his philanthropic efforts. He supports a multitude of charities and causes, ranging from environmental conservation to mental health advocacy.

Scudamore has been a vocal advocate for the David Suzuki Foundation, which focuses on preserving the natural environment and protecting biodiversity. Additionally, he has supported organizations like The Ocean Cleanup and WE Charity.

Through his donations and volunteer work, Scudamore demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

What Hobbies Or Interests Does Brian Scudamore Have Outside Of Work?

Brian Scudamore, the founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is known for his passion and dedication towards his work. However, he also has several hobbies and interests outside of work that keep him energized and motivated.

One of his favorite pastimes is running, and he has completed several marathons over the years. He is also an avid traveller and loves exploring new places with his family. In addition to this, Scudamore enjoys reading books on business strategy and leadership, which helps him stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Despite his busy schedule, Scudamore ensures that he takes time out to pursue these activities as they bring balance to his life.

What Is Brian Scudamore’s Favorite Business Book Or Mentor?

Brian Scudamore, the founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

When it comes to his favourite business book or mentor, Scudamore often cites The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber as a key influence. This book emphasizes the importance of systemizing your business in order to scale and grow effectively.

In addition to Gerber’s teachings, Scudamore has also mentioned the impact that Richard Branson has had on his own approach to business. Both of these mentors have inspired Scudamore to prioritize innovation, leadership, and a customer-centric mindset in all aspects of his work.


In conclusion, Brian Scudamore is an accomplished entrepreneur whose net worth stands at over $200 million. Despite his busy schedule, he has managed to strike a balance between work and personal life. His daily routine involves exercise, meditation, and spending time with his family.

Brian is also passionate about giving back to the community and supports various charities and causes. When he’s not working or giving back, he enjoys playing hockey and reading business books.

In fact, his favourite business book is ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins, which has helped him shape the growth of his business empire. With such dedication and drive for success, it’s no wonder that Brian Scudamore is a force to be reckoned with in the business world!

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